Thursday, July 10, 2014

What a Virgo does on her day off work

I just got done with a 2200 mile round trip mega-vacation of awesomeness. But I will not post pictures of that right now. Mostly because I forgot to take very many pictures. After the kind of vacation where you forget to take pictures, you really need a vacation from your vacation, so I took one today - and spent the majority of the day organizing my spice cabinet and pantry.

The organized cabinets, which contain (from bottom) tea and other drinks,
sweeteners, and spices I use almost daily; other useful ingredients like
corn starch and kosher salt (and medicine, to make sure it stays out of
the light), spices I use on a less regular basis; and on the top, extras
of everything stored so they are easy for a short person to access.

On the inside of all the cabinets, I have written what is on that shelf.
So now my husband can't make excuses that he can't find things.

Close-up of the list of spices stored on my "I use these all the time" shelf

The organized pantry. Hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I was
throwing things in randomly and shutting the door fast so they wouldn't fall out.
I've found that it's a lot more fun to cook when you're organized. I already did three of the four utensil drawers, and now the pantry, so hopefully this will lead to less stressful cooking that takes a lot less time! Now I can concentrate on getting fresh and healthy ingredients and making tasty food, while also knowing exactly what I have so that I don't go out and waste a ton of money buying extras of things that are hidden in the back of the pantry or cabinet somewhere. Not like I've ever done that, of course, not once or a million times ;)


  1. Hi Andrea! As one Virgo to another...I totally understand and have done the same thing, haha! :)

    1. I just feel a lot better if my house is clean and organized! An organized house equals an organized life for me.

  2. Ahaha... No excuses for the hubby now! :D I like to be organized too, and sometimes other people's food organization really seems odd to me. haha... Perhaps it's weird of me. :D


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