Sunday, February 3, 2013

Translation: Eka by Lakkhichhara

I have written about this song before (in yet-to-be-published-if-ever vignettes), but now I am translating it to share with you. The guitar tells you everything you need to know though; the translation is simply a bonus.

Thanks to Rakesh S. Tova E., and Supriyo S. for insights :)

Lyrics and Translation:
একা - লক্ষীছাড়া
Eka - Lakkhichhara

Eka eka hoyto gopone
Chupishare boroi anmone
Shunyo haate bhari ondhokar
Alone; perhaps in secret
Noiselessly; indeed unconsciously
With empty hands full of darkness

Charidhare jhapsa mukh koto
Chena kichu ochena hoyto
Eki kotha bole barongbar
So many blurred faces surrounding
Some recognizable, perhaps some unknown
Repeating only one thing, over and over

Bujhina je tar maane
Raat jaane, 'raat jaane'
Kothay, kobe, konkhane? 
I don't know what it means
The night knows
Where, at what time, in what place?

Keno mishe jachche bortoman 
Neme ase somoyer shopan
Shob kichu lagche bemanan
Why is Now becoming dark
As it descends the steps of time
Nothing seems as if it fits

Deke othe raat-jaaga pakhi
Kome ase jiboner goti
E du'haate mukh dheke rakhi.....
The nocturnal bird calls out
As life's pace winds down
I cover my face with these two hands

Amar e dike cheye
E akashe utheche chand
Bonnay aalor bhengechhe baand
In this sky the rising moon shines upon me
And the flood of light breaks through

Chole jae majh raati re
Shanto nodir tire
Hajaro bochor aager 
Sriti ase phire
Midnight retreats to the bank of the peaceful river
Memories of the distant past return

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